Your help is needed!

As we are trying to consolidate all publications by Al Aqsa Sunni Centre in one place, we would grateful if you could send us any publications (by Al Aqsa Sunni Centre) you might have in your personal collection for e.g. booklets, publication on special occasions and so forth.

Before submitting any document for review, the reader is urged to do the following:

  • Ascertain that the document being considered was indeed published by Al Aqsa Sunni Centre. We currently can only consider such publications for obvious legal and copyright reasons. In the event we expand the scope of our mission, we will update the site accordingly.
  • Search the site using the ‘search bar’ [top right corner of the site] to ensure that the publications are not already on the site. It works the same way as with any search you would do for e.g. “pamphlet no. 17” would show whether the pamphlet already exists on the site.
  • Conducting a manual search by checking the individual categories of Books, Pamphlets and Duas (supplications)
  • In case of any doubt, the reader is encouraged to seek confirmation with the Editorial team, through the contact form, before engaging in any time-consuming activity of scanning any document (or any other related activity)

The process to submit any publication for consideration is described in details in the post “Editorial process for reviewing posts”.