How to use this site?

This site’s homepage is divided in three key categories

  • Articles
  • Multimedia
  • Publications (with the following sub-categories)
    • Books
    • Duas (supplications)
    • Pamphlets

The sidebar shows the

  • The most recent posts
  • The most recent comments
  • Archives
  • Categories (which shows ALL the categories of how the information available is classified)

One of most powerful feature of the site is the ‘search bar’ which can be found at the top right corner. The search bar allows you to search for anything on the site, from any category. The search is not case sensitive and by default, the search function will only search a post’s title and the post content

For e.g. searching for “2019” will show all posts which can be from any category, containing 2019 either in the title, content or even the posting date.

The tags usage block show the posts based on the tags attached to them. The size of the font shows the frequency of the tags, the higher the frequency the larger the font.