Qadi Ayyad Ibn Musa رحمتہ اللہ علیہ

Qadi Ayyad ibn Musa was born and raised in the northern city of Ceuta during the Islamic Golden Age in 1149. Ceuta hosted many scholars from Andalucia, the wider Islamic community, and the Maghrib during this period. Today Ceuta is considered an official part of Spain.

Ibn Musa was influenced by many intellectuals who travelled to Ceuta and he then became a notary scholar. In 1113 and 1114, Ibn Musa travelled to Cordoba, Murcia, Almeria, and Granda where he met and studied with some of the most important scholars of the time. These figures included Abu Ali al-Ṣadafi (1120), Ibn al-Hajj (1134), Ibn Rushd (1126), and Ibn Hamdin (1114). 

Despite his speciality being jurisprudence, his most famous work was on the life of the Prophet ﷺ through his book: ‘The Cure by Means of Expounding the Rights of the Chosen One’ or more simply and commonly al-Shifa. The book is not a standard seerah in that it gives a chronological account of the Prophet ﷺ, but rather details his sublime nature and the rights that he is due from us as his followers.

Location: He is buried near Bab Ailen Pharmacy. Address: Rue de Bab Aylan, Marrakech