Sayyidi Abd Al-Aziz Al-Tabba رحمتہ اللہ علیہ

Born with the name Abu Faris Abdelaziz Ben Abdelhaq Al Marrakchi, he held a career as a silk merchant. His profession is from where he received his nickname, El Harrar. Tebbaa not born to a wealthy or prominent family. In spite of this, he was able to study under Sidi Mohamed Ben Slimane Al Jazouli.

TSayyidi Abd Al-Aziz Al-Tabba learned from Al Jazouli, a major leader of the Tariqa Jazoulia Chadilia. From 1466, Tebbaa moved to Fes where he spent the next 8 years in the service of Sheikh Mohamed Sghir Souhaili. Upon returning to Marrakech, he built the zaouia in which he is buried today. He passed away in 1508.

Location: Sayyidi Abd Al-Aziz Al-Tabba’s mausoleum is near the Ben Youssef Mosque in the El Mouassine district of the medina. Zellige tiles typical of Fes, a traditional arched entrance, and wooden eaves characterize the sacred site’s exterior. Address: D.El Maâden, Marrakech