Sayyidi Bel Abbas (Abu al-Abbas) Al-Sabti رحمتہ اللہ علیہ

Considered the patron saint of Marrakech, Sidi Bel Abba is best recognized as distributing food to the poor and helping the blind. He was brought up in Ceuta during the 12th century. His father passed during Abbas’ teenage years. It is said that death inspired the saint to become absorbed in a world of books and studying. To help support the family’s finances, he was asked by his mother to work. It wasn’t until a Sheikh saw the young Abbas’ potential that he was permitted to spend time at formal study in the mosque. He learned under Sheikh Abi Abdellah Mohamed Lfakhar. Abbas’ zaouia is decorated with stucco. Its interior has a courtyard with a fountain. He died in 1204.

Location: His mausoleum is at Sidi Marouk cemetery near Bab Tagzhout. Address: Diour Jdad, Marrakech, Morocco