The Seven Saints (Awliyah) of Marrakech

Masha Allah, in January 2020, Hazrat Allama Syed Mohammad Ahmad Ashraf Jilani Jaisi got the opportunity of doing a ziyarah (pilgrimage / spiritual visit) of Marrakech, the City of Seven Saints (Awliyahs).  Marrakech is also famously referred to as the Red City or the Rose City, due to the colour of the high walls that surround the ancient ‘Medina’.

During the 17th century in an effort to increase the importance of the city, Moulay Ismail ibn Sharif ordered the holy bodies of seven saints to be removed from various parts of Morocco and placed in (what is now) the old city also referred to as the ‘Medina’.

Hazrat Allama Syed Mohammad Ahmad Ashraf Jilani Jaisi visited the Seven Saints (Awliyahs) as follows. Follow each link to learn more about the saints (awliyah) and see details & pictures of their mausoleums.

References for the short biographies were quoted from the following sites. It is recommended to each and everyone to conduct his own research in learning more about the awliya mentioned above.