Hazrat Allama Mawlana Al Haaj Syed Mohammad Ahmad Ashraf Jilani Jaisi

Mawlana Syed Ahmad Ashraf Jilani Jaisi is a descendant of Ghawsul Alam, Mehboob-e-Yazdani, Makhdoom Sultan Syed Ashraf Jahangir Simnani (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) and Ghaws-e-Azam, Mehboob-e-Subhani, Sheykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) who has direct lineage to Allah’s beloved (ألْحَبِيبُٱ لله ), our Noble Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم ).

Sayyidouna Hazrat Sheikh-e-Tariqat Allama Al Haaj Syed Shah Naeem Ashraf Ashrafi Jilani Jaisi (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) is the father-in-law and Peer-O-Murshid of Mawlana Syed Ahmad Ashraf Jilani.

We remain incredibly grateful to Allah Rabbul Izzat Jalla wa ‘ala for sending Mawlana Syed Ahmad Ashraf Jilani Jaisi to Masjid AL AQSA in Port-Louis (Mauritius) where he arrived on the 1st of May 1978 and stayed for nearly 10 years. During that time, he founded AL AQSA SUNNI CENTRE, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to spreading true knowledge of Deen Islam.

For the past 40 years, he has accomplished highly laudable religious activities, ranging from publishing dozens of books, pamphlets, organising seminars to giving hundreds of speeches in créole (native language in Mauritius) and Urdu.

Mawlana Syed Ahmad Ashraf Jilani’s spiritual connection to Mauritius, and Mauritians, remains ever so strong. He visits Mauritius regularly and also visits Mauritians in the UK and France.

Mawlana Syed Ahmad Ashraf Jilani Jaisi currently resides in Jais where he is the Director of Makhdoom Ashraf Mission School in Jais. He also sits on the Board of Guardians of Dar Ul Uloom Habibia Gulshan-E-Raza in Rae Bareli (Uttar Pradesh, India).